Our Roadmap

To do

Workflow automation for better and easier user experience and faster/more personalised output

In Progress

Searchable language selector feature

Speech to text AI tool to help you transcribe audio to text

Complete email sequence writer

New and improved UI/UX experience

Chrome plugin for direct writing access on any webpage/Google doc

Book writer to allow you create easy to sell professionally written ebooks fast and efficiently.

Integration with Google doc for direct syncing of projects


Longform copy/content writer feature for blogpost, articles and sales copy

Text to speech feature for turning your content into spoken words with a few clicks

Multiple user account to allow users have sub account in the Business plan

Access for Agency clients to login and access their project/works

Integrated ChatGPT powered chat that allows you communicate with the AI via a free form chat

Full width work space for more screen realestate

Twitter thread and headline generator

Language translation feature

Freelancer/Agency marketplace feature for easy access to paying customers

AI Image & art generator feature integration

Preset default input and output language settings